Tuesday, June 20, 2006


oh and thanks to curbed for the shout-out. yeah i know we are picky but after all of the disgusting places i have seen out there, i think its sad that we should have to settle for any less than what we want. i mean, this is your life dude. why live in a shithole?
and yes we are still looking. i have seen some ok apts but nothing has really fit the criteria. BACKYARDS OR GARDENS wanted. come on people i know you have some secret places out there.

Monday, June 19, 2006

and hello

i am tired of apartment hunting. its driving me nuts. so i am enlisting the help of whoever gives a hoot. or whoever wants to make some cash. we will offer $500 to the person who leads us to a non-fee apartment or if you are a broker, well, we'll pay your damn fee. we are looking to spend no more than $2500 a month, but of course this all depends on how spectacular this place is.

about the apartment:

-nice size apartment in williamsburg or greenpoint or even manhattan.
(could be a big loft or a big one bedroom or a two bedroom. we basically need space for a bedroom and then an office. we are open to different layouts.)
-the place needs to be bright...not dark, not sad, not gloomy. we like life!
-OUTDOOR SPACE...this is key. we really want a ground floor apartment with a backyard. or a garden. not really a terrace or roof-deck unless its very big or super easily accessible.
-this place doesn't need to be brand new...it needs to have good old fashioned charm. but no rusty stinky bathtubs.

about us:

we are a 26 year old female and 29 year old male couple. we are easy-going and very friendly. we will be great tenants. we have a small cat who is no problem whatsoever. we are both in creative fields and work a lot.

any questions? just ask! i can update our info as needed.
please email us at twonicepeople@gmail.com